After handling public relations for American Motors Corporation in Washington, DC and then working as a senior consultant for the nation’s largest independent vehicle lease company, Consumers Automotive’s Founder & CEO, James A. Boerger, knows that…

Every car buyer that goes INTO a dealership always --
--  Pays too much, 
--  Wastes countless hours and
--  Gets aggravated sometime during the process.

Jim – as he is known to clients, family & friends across the country -- knows the secrets to buying any new or used vehicle anywhere in the US & Canada for less money and in less time. He has, in fact, solved the enigma and mystery of successful car shopping -- no stress, no wasted time and not paying too much.

We’re a “service company.”  We know that means “to serve.” We work ONLY for the benefit of our clients.

“First -- We keep our clients OUT of dealerships. That keeps them out of harm’s way.  Second -- we do the hard-nosed shopping using the car buying skills learned and sharpened through tens of thousands of new & used car buying negotiations. Third – we have their vehicle delivered right to their front door.

Our clients love us.  Car dealers don’t.  Anyone or any shopping program that sends a car buyer INTO a dealership --where they always ultimately end up in the business office -- is doing those folks a great disservice.  It’s like sending a chicken into the foxes den.  Good luck chicken.  Good luck car buyer.

We never take kick-backs, commissions or payment of any type from any dealer.

Our clients relax, they smile and they truly love delivery right to their front door.    That’s a great convenience, of course, but we do it specifically because it keeps them out of the dealer’s business office.  That simply eliminates another opportunity for costly tricks-of-the-trade, “shenanigans” & misunderstandings.

Delivery to our client’s home (or at work) is an effective and absolutely essential part to the success of our money saving program.  It’s unique with us.  This element alone saves our clients an additional $1,000 on average above their savings on the vehicle purchase price.  According to the NADA, dealers average that amount in additional profit – at the buyer’s expense, of course -- on every new and used vehicle they sell or lease.  Keeping clients out of the business office keeps that $1,000 in their checking account instead of the dealer’s.  It’s that simple.

Whether buying new or used, if you don’t know as much about buying cars as dealers know about selling them, then going INTO a dealership unequivocally guarantees you’ll pay too much.  And with leasing, it’s even worse.

The average car buyer goes shopping once in only every three to five years or so.  They typically buy at the dealer they just happen to be at when their patience has finally run out.  “Just give me the blue one. I want to go home.”  Frustrated, and tired of the whole process, and with their defenses worn down, they’re lead into the business office -- on a square foot basis, it’s usually the most profitable part of any dealership.  They go through all this for a vehicle that they may not have really wanted but settled for.

Hiring Consumers Automotive is one of those rare times when something that seems too good to be true really is true.  We guarantee that our clients will save money – a lower total vehicle cost or we refund our fee in full.  The total savings on just the vehicle purchased is significant – the average savings on new vehicles is $1,848 based on what our clients reported they would have paid without our help.  For used vehicles, $2,263 has been the average.  This is all done for a nominal single flat fee -- $395 for any new vehicle, $695 for any used vehicle.  There is an additional $100 fee for handling the time consuming complexities of a vehicle lease.

Our clients have come to love the peace of mind of knowing they are obtaining the vehicle they actually want (instead of what’s on the lot and being pushed on them) for the lowest price. They truly enjoy the simplicity of it all – no car salesmen -- no hassles, no haggling and no headaches.  They don’t suffer through the frequent disrespect, the subtle deceptions and blatantly misleading ads.

Over the years, we’ve also assisted members of the US State Department and business executives returning home from 17 countries; delivery is often for the day they arrive.  On occasion, we’ve even had clients take delivery at the airport.

Jim’s shopping expertise, consumer advocacy & industry knowledge has led to many articles and interviews -- Money, Automobile, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, Business Week, AAA World, Nations Business, Personal Investor, Medical Economics, Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street, numerous magazines & newspapers as well as appearances on CBS, CNN and Court TV as “the car shopping expert.”

We have an A+ rating (their highest) with the Better Business Bureau.

That’s who we are.  Saving money and time for our clients is what we do – every time.  Guaranteed.  (We know car shopping.)

Give us a call.  We love answering questions about what we do.

James A. Boerger
Managing Member