1. If you don’t know as much about buying cars as dealers know about selling them, then you’ll absolutely pay too much.
  2. Going INTO any auto dealership guarantees the car shopper will pay too much. And they’ll waste countless hours doing it.
  3. We keep our clients OUT of dealerships. That keeps them out of harm’s way. So does our at-home delivery policy.
  4. The dealer’s professional highly trained sales team practices their selling skills thousands of times each year. The typical customer practices their buying skills about once in every 3 to 5 years. Not fair odds.
  5. Finally agreeing to the purchase price is just the end of Phase 1 of the dealer’s sales process. Phase 2 happens IN the dealer’s business office. Statistically, according to the NADA, buyers average paying about $1,000 in additional profit to the dealer in there on every vehicle every dealer sells.
  6. Being sent INTO a dealership by a wholesale buying club -- or any organization -- does not guarantee the lowest price. It only guarantees that the buyer knows who’ll their salesman will be.
  7. Dealer studies prove that the more of a car shopper’s time that can dealer use IN the dealership, then the greater their possibility of making a high profit sale.
  8. Unless hard-nosed competitive and skillful shopping is done with a very minimum of 5 dealerships for each make/model considered, then knowing what the lowest total vehicle purchase price is not possible.
  9. If we guarantee our clients that they will save money because they hired us, then it stands to reason that they are guaranteed to pay too much if they don’t.