1. Why Hire Consumers Automotive Instead Of Shopping On My Own?
We have a 99.998% rate of success for saving our clients’ money as well as protecting them against hidden back-end surprises and so-called “misunderstandings” in the dealer’s business office.

2. How Much Money Will You Save Me?
Average savings has been $1,848 for New vehicles and $2,263 on Used compared to what our clients told us that they would have paid without our help according to our latest client survey. They’re from all across the country driving everything from Hyundais to Porsches; sedans, vans, pick-ups and SUVs. They actually saved even more because the lower purchase price also reduced their sales taxes and finance charges.

PLUS, their $1,848 or $2,263 savings does not include their additional savings by not going INTO the dealer’s business office. According to the NADA, dealers average about $1,000 in additional profit there with a wide variety of add-ons and/or other “shenanigans.”

3. Why Should I Hire Consumers Automotive Instead of Using A "Free" Service?
We actually do competitive shopping for each vehicle. So-called “Free” services almost always just send car shoppers INTO the closest dealer that they have a sweet-heart “relationship” with. They generally don’t do any competitive shopping for the benefit of the consumer. We always do.

We Guarantee our clients will save money compared to the lowest total new vehicle cost that they have found – anywhere — without our help. (See Number 2 above.) “Free” services just intimate that you will save money but give no absolute guarantees. We actually let you know in advance exactly your total vehicle cost – to the penny. PLUS, we keep you out of the dealer’s business office (See 2) and have it delivered right to your front door.

We work for our clients, NOT dealers. We take no type of payment, kick-back or commission for dealers.

4. Why Not Deal With the Dealer Internet Dept?
You are still playing their game on their turf. You won’t have a car shopping professional looking out for your best interests in the dealership. The only real difference between contacting the dealer’s internet department -- compared to just dropping into a dealership “cold” -- is that you’ll know the salesman’s name before you get there.

5. Do You Handle Both Purchasing & Leasing?
We can assist you with both. We will gladly provide you with your discounted purchase price as well as competitively shopping for the best lease program.

6. Is Buying Or Leasing Better?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The time of the model year, the number of miles driven per year and how long you expect to keep your next vehicle, and the vehicle’s expected resale value compared to its original sticker price will all be part of determining the lease payment. Some vehicles can even have much higher lease payments compared to other comparably equipped makes with virtually the same purchase price. It’s true. Ask us why.

We’ll gladly discuss the pros & cons for your specific situation and give you a run down on how leasing works.

7. How Soon Can I Get My New Car?
Generally, we’ll have found the lowest price in a day or two from the time that you have hired us. The actual delivery date will depend upon availability. If your first color choice is not be available for a couple of weeks but either your 2nd or 3rd color choices might be available right now. You pick.

8. How Many Makes Will You Shop For?
We’ll gladly provide you with comparison prices for budget purposes on up to three vehicles. When you’ve made your selection, we’ll do the hard-nosed negotiating for the lowest possible total delivered purchase price on that vehicle.

9. How Many Dealers Do You Shop At?
Generally for new vehicles, up to 10 of the same make depending upon what make we’re shopping for and where you wish to take delivery. (There aren’t 10 Jaguar dealers in Montana.) With used vehicles we may locate upwards of 150 vehicles that meet your specifications and then narrow that list down to 5 to 15. After discussions with you about these vehicles, we then go through a process of elimination investigating the remaining vehicles and do separate negotiations with each seller.

10. Can I Change the Color or Options?
No problem. Our Consulting Agreement specifies that you may change any specification – even including the make or model – with no additional fee. The additional shopping, however, may delay when you take delivery.

11. Do You Handle Trade-Ins?
We can certainly arrange for this. But you’ll be much better off financially if the vehicle is sold by you. It’s really not difficult when you know how. We’ll gladly provide you with help with this -- no charge for this, of course.

12. Why should I have faith in your promises?
It’s to our financial advantage to have you be a very satisfied client. (See TRIPLE SAVING GUARANTEE)

The happier you are with our service, then the more likely you are to become a repeat client and the more of your family and friends you’ll tell about us.

We have been assisting the car buying public for more than two decades with both new and used vehicles. Repeat business and referrals and have been our life-blood for all these years.

We are proud of the reputation that we have EARNED by being straight-forward and providing superior service. We’ll continue doing that with every client and with every new or used vehicle we help them obtain.