We can save you money and time because we know as much about buying cars as the dealers do about selling them - and more!

We offer:

Hassle Free Convenience:

The dealer’s No. 1 job is to get you to come INTO their dealership. They’re highly trained and negotiate vehicle sales & leases thousands of times each year. The average consumer buys a new car once every two-four years. The odds are always on the dealer’s side when the consumer is IN their dealership.

Car buyers are often enticed INTO a dealership with a low price quoted over the phone. This is known as a “Shopper’s Price” or a “Low-Ball.” Then, when IN the dealership, they’ll be told “Oh, sorry. It just got sold,” or “I thought you wanted blue. But let’s see what else we have that you’ll like.” They did their job, they got you to come INTO their arena where they always win.  Read More

A Triple Savings Guarantee:

During the last 23 years, Only 12 times out of the 7,000+ vehicles has a client had a lower total New or Used vehicle cost – or lease program – than we found for them.They, of course, received a full refund of their fee.  Total vehicle cost includes more than just the base price of the vehicle itself.  Depending on each unique situation, we also know how to save on taxes, fees and other costs associated with the purchase of a new or used vehicle.  Read More

Free Impartial Tips, Unbiased Advice and Suggestions:


We gladly provide our clients free impartial advice and money and time saving suggestions. We do not take any type of commission, kick-back or payment of any type from any dealer so we have no vested interest in which make or model you select.

However, we absolutely do have a vested interest in your being happy with our service and the vehicle you obtained. Providing unbiased vehicle information, financing suggestions or comparisons to help you make your selection is just part of our job.  Read More

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