Undecided about --

-- Make or Model?
-- New or Used?
-- Buy or Lease?


We gladly provide our clients free impartial advice and money and time saving suggestions. We do not take any type of commission, kick-back or payment of any type from any dealer so we have no vested interest in which make or model you select.

However, we absolutely do have a vested interest in your being happy with our service and the vehicle you obtained. Providing unbiased vehicle information, financing suggestions or comparisons to help you make your selection is just part of our job. If they help, we’re happy.

Having you take delivery of the vehicle that’s best for you is, after all, best for us, too. When you’re very happy with our overall service and the lowest possible price that we’ve negotiated for you -- then you’re very likely to tell your family and friends about us.

Frankly, car dealers simply want to make a sale of anything on their lot and for the highest possible profit. That’s their job.

Our job is to help you to obtain the exact vehicle that you want for the least amount of your dollars. We want to make a friend and a life-long client that returns to us vehicle after vehicle and gladly tells their family and friends about us.

Serving our client’s needs is a philosophy has kept us in business for over two decades.