Delivery to Your Front Door
Is Just Part of Our Service

Studies show that car buyers have about two hours per week of discretionary time. The more of it that the dealer can take --


The dealer’s No. 1 job is to get you to come INTO their dealership. They’re highly trained and negotiate vehicle sales & leases thousands of times each year. The average consumer buys a new car once every two-four years. The odds are always on the dealer’s side when the consumer is IN their dealership.

Car buyers are often enticed INTO a dealership with a low price quoted over the phone. This is known as a “Shopper’s Price” or a “Low-Ball.” Then, when IN the dealership, they’ll be told “Oh, sorry. It just got sold,” or “I thought you wanted blue. But let’s see what else we have that you’ll like.” They did their job, they got you to come INTO their arena where they always win.

Our clients are kept out of the dealership. That eliminates their going into the business office. That saves time and it most emphatically saves money. Few car buyers know that dealers average an additional $1,000 in profit – for every new and used car they sell or lease – in the business office. The profitability odds are always on the dealer’s side when the car buyer goes INTO a dealership.

Frankly, just going to a dealership is a hassle. Sometimes simply finding a parking place is time consuming and frustrating. Going into the showroom when you are less than happy works for the dealer, too. They’ve been highly trained to handle customers that are on edge and turn that into their advantage.

At long last, when the customer has finally agreed to a vehicle and the purchase price – often just to get the process over with -- they are sent into the business office “to do the paperwork.” They may have to wait to get in there for an hour – all the while being told, “It’ll be just another couple of minutes...” After having so much time already invested, few will leave, thinking the whole travail is almost over.

Rarely is it ever quick in the business office. They still have bunches of things to try to sell their customer – extended warranties, rust proofing, fabric protection, gold trim packages etc., etc. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, dealers average about $1,000 in additional profit from add-ons IN their business office on every new & used car, van SUV and truck they sell or lease.

That just does not happen to our clients.

Since 1987, we’ve developed and honed our proven unique car shopping system. While we’re car shopping (we love it), you can relax and do something that you love to do. It really is just this easy –


There is no need for our clients to go INTO a dealership to negotiate a deal. Take a test drive – we’ll share the secrets for making that hassle-free – and pick out your color and the options.

Then we’ll do the hard-nose negotiating and handle all of the details. (We love doing that.) When we’ve found what you want at the lowest total vehicle cost – usually in a day or two – we’ll give you a call to confirm all of the vehicle specifications and provide a complete break-down of all your costs (purchase price, taxes, tags & fees, etc.). When you give us your OK, we’ll arrange for a mutually agreeable time for the vehicle to be brought to you.

But before that happens, we’ll examine the dealer paperwork to make sure everything is as it should be.

How’s that for “Hassle-Free?”

By your staying OUT of the dealership you’ve saved hours. Equally as important, you’ve eliminated their opportunity to use bait & switch tactics and other costly tricks-of-the-trade. If you don’t go INTO a dealership then this can’t happen to you.

Having your new or used vehicle delivered right to your front door saves time and avoids all the usual hassles. And as it turns out, it’s very, very practical, too.