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Triple Savings Guarantee
  1. We Refund Your Fee In Full If You Don’t Save Money
    During the last 23 years, Only 12 times out of the 7,000+ vehicles has a client had a lower total New or Used vehicle cost – or lease program – than we found for them.They, of course, received a full refund of their fee.  Total vehicle cost includes more than just the base price of the vehicle itself.  Depending on each unique situation, we also know how to save on taxes, fees and other costs associated with the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

    We Guarantee a full refund of your fee if we haven’t saved you money on the car, van, SUV or truck you’ve hired us to find and negotiate the lowest total vehicle purchase price. If we don’t, then of course you should receive a full refund. Refunds are rarely needed but they do happen. Try as we may to be perfect, we’re not. However, our 99.8% rate of savings success isn’t too bad…

    Our Money Back Guarantee
    A Lower Total Vehicle Cost or Your Money Back!*

    Our obligation to your satisfaction ends only when you have taken delivery of a new vehicle or used vehicle acceptable to you. WE’LL REFUND YOUR FEE IN FULL if we fail to locate an equally or better equipped new vehicle* or comparable used vehicle* of the same make, model and year that Consumers Automotive was hired to find for a lower total vehicle cost than any bona fide purchase price or lease program that you have received prior to the date of your hiring us.
    *Demonstrators, Fleet Purchase & Exotic vehicles are excluded.
  2. Maintaining Our Reputation
    We Guarantee to do whatever is feasible to make you and all of our other clients so happy that they gladly tell others about us. Over the years we’ve earned a strong reputation for service, integrity and promises kept. Clients like their cash savings and the time saving, hassle-free way we do business. They like the free unbiased advice and the sincere interest in serving their automotive wants and needs – our personal service. Having a 99.8% savings satisfaction rate has helped earned the national respect we enjoy and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It’s led to having so many nice things said about us by so many. Regardless of the number of clients we serve every year, each will receive individual personal service. That keeps our clients coming back again & again. That helps maintain our justly deserved reputation as America’s Premier Vehicle Shopping Service.
  3. Gaining Your Repeat Business and All of Your Referrals
    We Guarantee to save you money & time and make your vehicle purchasing experience with us a pleasure. Repeat business and referrals are the life-blood of any service business. We just can’t afford not to have you or any client not be satisfied. We want you to come back and gladly tell your family and friends about us. The fact is that if you tell two people about us each year and then they in turn tell two people each year, that’s soon quite a bunch of folks that have hired us simply because we made you very happy. But -- if we don’t satisfy your expectations, then we’ll probably lose your repeat business and all of those potential referrals. We guarantee to make you happy. We just can’t afford not to…
No trips to the dealers - Peace of Mind - Hassle-Free Convenience. Why it's even delivered to your front door.